Enjoy our Autumn Menu

3. 9. 2018 -

Autumn is inevitably coming and after the summer our body slowly starts feeling a need to warm up even from the inside. There’s no better way than to begin relaxing and choosing the right food. And to help you, we’re offering you our Autumn Menu.

 In the autumn our body demands quality hot food.
In the autumn our body demands quality hot food.

Autumn in the ROYAL hotel restaurant

At the beginning of autumn our body will quite naturally need hot and adequate food which will agree both with our body and soul. Hot bone stocks, fresh seasonal food or stewed vegetables should definitely be included in our autumn diet. As we care for our spa guests’ complete health and life style, we have prepared a special Autumn Menu, which can be relished by anyone who comes to visit our hotel restaurant. Let yourselves be inspired; this is our Autumn Menu:

  • Becherovka
  • Game pâté with cranberries and orange
  • Strong beef rib stock with vegetables, meat and noodles
  • Glass of red wine
  • “Hunter’s” sirloin cuts, potato rösti


  • Glazed duck breast, red cabbage, “Karlsbad” dumplings


  • Quails stuffed with almond stuffing, parsley potatoes
  • Plum jam filled pasties, whipped cream

Price  420,- CZK

We are looking forward to you!