The spring is the right time to relax, your health, trips and cultural events

28. 2. 2020 -

We have a few tips for you how to look after your health in the spring season and at the same time how to enjoy awesome relaxation, get to know historical and natural sights in the surroundings of Marienbad and treat yourself to numerous cultural experiences.

Spa colonnade in Marienbad
Spa colonnade in Marienbad


What other time than the spring season is the right time to restore and purify your organism. Thus the team of our chefs supplemented our menu with typically spring dishes and enriched it with an offer of drinks – various kinds of detoxifying and purifying teas and fresh juices.

Kidneys are an essential part of the body purification and so they need a proper care in the spring. Marienbad is famous for its natural healing springs, some of which have curative effects particularly on kidneys and the urinary tract. In our hotel, we use these natural springs in the form of baths or drinking cures.

For the spring season, we recommend Fit & Slim for 7 nights consisting of spa treatments, optimal diet and active movement exercises to renew your vitality. I am interested

Even a short relaxation is meaningful, try our Elixir of Marienbad – a stay for two nights with a spring discount of 20%. I am interested


Marienbad is set in a beautiful landscape and it offers a lot of opportunities for hiking and cycling. We recommend to visit the Teplá Monastery, founded in the 12th century, or the Loket Castle with its unique Romanesque elements, which is now accessible including its deep underground.

Our renowned west-bohemian spa is world-famous not only for its richness of healing mineral springs, but also for its pretty architecture of the beginning of the 19th century, with the unforgettable spa colonnade, which attracts visitors from all over the world. Spring walks on the colonnade and around the town of Marienbad will literally fill you up with new energy. Show more trip tips


The singing fountain belongs to the dominant features of Marienbad. Starting on the 30th April, it will play world-famous compositions accompanied by a projection of coloured lighting show every odd hour. The Marienbad web page provides further information, weekly time schedule and the list of compositions. Show more information


Traditionally, the spa season opening ceremony and springs sanctification in Marienbad take place at the second weekend of May. This event comes from an ancient custom of our ancestors, who used to clean all wells and precious healing springs in the spring.

As a part of the largest event in Marienbad, you can experience a parade in historical costumes, a craft fair and concerts of classic, folklore as well as modern music both on the spa promenade and at the colonnade. Show further information

So do not hesitate and come to visit our ROYAL Hotel. We are looking forward to you!