About us

A world famous spa-town. Richness in a number of various mineral waters.

Splendid architecture from the beginning of the 19th century with an unforgettable Singing Fountain.

Kur & Medical Spa hotel  ROYAL is ideally located at the edge of a forest park some 300 meters from the centre of the town, offering a unique panorama view of the whole Mariánské Lázně.

Kur & Medical Spa hotel ROYAL is the oldest member of the family chain of spa hotels and resorts ROYAL SPA.


EuropespamedEUROSPAmed – Quality certificate

Royal Spa Hotel Marienbad was among the first to receive the EUROPESPAmed quality certificate in 2006.

The certificate is granted by the European Spas Association in Brussels. The audit looked at 400 different areas of spa care. Certification guarantees that the spa care provided is comparable to the quality of services abroad and recognised by German health insurance companies.

ISO 9001ISO 9001

Kur & Medical Spa hotel ROYAL Mariánské Lázně was certified to ISO 9001 quality standards, making the four hotels among spa facilities in the country to receive this certificate. Compliance audits are performed every year.

HotelstarsCzech Association of Hotels certification

Kur & Medical Spa hotel ROYAL Mariánské Lázně has been officially certified hotel **** establishments by the Czech Association of Hotels and Restaurants based on evaluation criteria established by the Hotelstars Union. The criteria are the same for hotels and other accommodation facilities in Austria, Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands, Sweden and Switzerland.

Quality guaranteed by physiciaQuality guaranteed by the Royal Spa physicia

Kur & Medical Spa hotel ROYAL Mariánské Lázně is guaranteed to provide you with professional, medically-supervised spa care 24/7. Spa treatment is based on the use of natural medicinal resources, professional rehabilitation and many years of experience in the spa and balneology sector.


Best Range of Tourism Options in the Czech Republic

At the “Kudy z nudy” awards in 2010, first prize in the West Bohemian Spas category for the best range of tourism options in the Czech Republic went to Royal Spa Hotel Marienbad.