Protect your kidneys and urinary tract

6. 11. 2017 -

Autumn can be very treacherous. The last warm days, which we’ve been experiencing recently, have invited us to forget all about our coats and jackets and hurl ourselves into the countryside dressed just in a light jumper. However, we should be aware of kidney and urinary tract inflammations.

Urinary tract inflammation can manifest itself in a very unpleasant way
Urinary tract inflammation can manifest itself in a very unpleasant way

In this season it’s very easy to get chilled and so we should follow the classic wisdom: keep your feet and back warm. Shows of an inflammation can come very fast and manifest themselves in a very unpleasant way – by chills, burning sensations and strangury while urinating, by pains in lower abdomen or frequent urge to urinate.

Care for your kidneys in the spa

The ROYAL spa hotel in Mariánské Lázně specializes in kidney and urinary tract treatment. Natural mineral carbon dioxide treatment in the form of both water and dry baths helps our vascular system to widen and become more flexible. Carbon dioxide, which is absorbed through the body surface, stimulates receptors of even the tiniest capillaries in our body.

“Imagine a beautiful, robust and richly spreading tree – such as our national pride: lime tree. Natural carbon dioxide therapy starts with the tiniest twigs, goes on to larger and larger branches until it reaches the trunk itself. If we use a metaphor of pipes, it’s obvious that once we’ve widened them, the pressure drops. And the same applies to a human body. The benefit of the spa treatment whose result is the blood pressure decrease is thus brought not only to the kidneys but also to the heart,” says Magdalena Kozlovská MD, the chief physician of the ROYAL spa hotel in Mariánské Lázně.

Spa stay exactly for you

Mariánské Lázně is famous for its lightly mineralised hypotonic mineral waters which are recommended to kidney inflammation treatment, both acute and chronic. It’s also suitable for curing cysts, kidney stones and sand (lithiasis) or kidney hypofunction in connection with other chronic diseases.

Mineral water treatment is also recommended in case of urinary bladder diseases, particularly when it’s hyperactive or contrarily when it suffers hypofunction. It helps men with prostate problems – starting from chronic inflammations, benign hypertrophy up to post-operation recovery following both oncology and non-oncology surgeries,” explains the chief physician and adds that the spa meets with success when curing stress incontinence as well. So don’t hesitate: come and visit our ROAYL spa hotel in Mariánské Lázně and choose a Curative stay which will provide you with expert medical and spa care aimed at kidney and urinary tract treatment.