On this page you will find more information about the reservation of stay in our hotel and business conditions valid for the spa company LS ROYAL Mariánské Lázně a.s.

On-line reservation - easily and instantly

The advantage of on-line Reservation is its speed, simplicity and clarity. In the on-line reservation system, you can find free dates and the current price of the selected stay and if you are interested in booking accommodation complete and straight-forward accommodation pay by card through a secure payment gateway.

Pre-booking (request)

You can send the selected stay and date in the form of pre-booking, which you can find in the detail of your stay (REQUEST). Pre-booking will be processed and confirmed within 24 hours to your e-mail.

General terms of business

All relations between the client and Accommodation Provider are governed by the following general terms and conditions, which are not regulated differently in a separate agreement.